Years ago when our oldest son was in elementary school he came home just before Thanksgiving with something he had made.  It was a turkey’s head made of felt and with some embellishments, and he had actually hand sewn it!  He told me I needed to buy a pineapple to make the rest of the turkey’s body.  Needless to say he was quite proud of his handy work, and he should have been!

Well, every Thanksgiving since, his turkey creation has graced our table, buffet, countertop…he moves around from year to year, but he’s definitely on display, and he brings a smile to our faces!

This is a quick, fun, low cost project! The costliest item is the pineapple!!  You can surely do this craft with your kids or surprise your family and friends on Thanksgiving with this fun little gobbler!  He’s sure to be a conversation piece!!   Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Supplies and Directions:

(I used supplies I had here at home, but the original has gold rick rack and a gold sequin eye. The supply list includes both, but use what you have on hand…be creative!)

1 fresh pineapple

1 – 9” x 12” Red felt rectangle

1 – 9” x 12” white felt rectangle (only need a tiny bit for 2 eyes)

Rick rack, about 9 inches, any color you prefer

2 gold sequins or gold thread for eyes

Red and white thread and a sewing needle

Fiberfill or other stuffing, doesn’t take much

6 straight pins for attaching head to pineapple

Marker for tracing pattern


Now you’re ready!

  1. Print pattern and cut out.
  2. Lay turkey head and wattle onto red felt; trace and cut out. I fold felt in half and cut once. You need 2 head pieces and 1 wattle. Set aside.

  3. Lay eye on white felt, trace and cut two.
  4. Add a gold sequin to each eye or stitch a center by making 6 straight stitches that intersect in the center with gold thread making a star stitch. Now hand stitch the eyes in place on the turkey using a straight stitch. See pattern for placement.

  5. Hand stitch rick rack into place on both sides of neck area. See pattern for placement. Allow about ½” of rick rack to fold over to the back side at the top and bottom for a neat finish. I just whip stitched the rick rack onto felt, being careful to catch the bit of rick rack on the backside.

  6. Stitch the head pieces together between the “X”s on pattern. Remember to insert the wattle and stitch through all 3 layers of felt being sure to catch the wattle in a couple of stitches.

  7. Stuff the head using plenty of stuffing so the head is nice and firm. My son stuffed his turkey about 25 years ago and the stuffing has never come out even though there isn’t really anything holding it in except the pineapple when it’s in place.

  8. You are ready to put your turkey together! I simply use 6 straight pins, 3 on each side, to hold the head in place on the pineapple!