Decorating with white accessories seems to give a room a soft, calm, and at the same time, bright, clean feeling.  They aren’t always easy to find at some of my favorite shops though.  A few years ago I found these three small white vases at IKEA and love them!  So I decided to paint some of the accessories I already had white.  After searching online I found lots of great tips the project.  In the midst of all this a friend needed some pieces for her office bookshelves and we found some great things at a thrift store to try to transform!

First, I washed everything in warm soapy water and dried it thoroughly.  Some sites I visited used canned air to “dust” the pieces off.  That seemed like a pretty good idea, but I wanted to make sure any grime and dirt was washed away, so maybe doing both would be best!

Then I found a medium-sized cardboard box with one side open and laid it on its side.  Placing my first piece in the box, I began to spray on the primer.  Use short strokes…don’t just hold down the nozzle and spray away.  The paint will go on too heavy and begin to run and drip. I carefully turned the piece to get solid coverage.  I let the primer dry (which happens fast) and then began spraying on the gloss white paint using the same short stroke technique.  Let dry.  Then I added a second coat of white and allowed it to dry.  Lastly, the clear gloss was sprayed on the piece and allowed to dry completely!  It is really this simple!!

Unpainted pieces

This project was definitely worth the little bit of time, effort, and little bit of expense it took to accomplish!  The results were just as I had hoped!  Undoubtedly, this effect can be mastered in any color of your choosing!
*The photos of the painting process were taken using my friend’s pieces.  The others are pieces I painted for myself.