Much of the fresh produce we buy comes in packaging we can recycle.  Whenever possible I try to find a new purpose for the plastic cartons and wooden boxes.  The smaller cartons used for strawberries, grape tomatoes, and blueberries work well for storing spools of ribbon.  Apples from the big membership stores packed in  large compartmentalized trays with lids that snap shut have simplified packing up Christmas ornaments. Ball ornaments fit perfectly, and I even use them for odd shaped ornaments as well!  Some tomatoes come in nice trays that hold small bulbs and flat decorations.  Wooden boxes from clementines come in handy for storing small pieces of fabric.  The boxes stack well,  even when standing on their sides. They are very stable and the cloth is easy to get to!  The same boxes have served as a good home for knick-knacks not currently being used and odd shaped holiday ornaments, too!  Your produce department will probably save some boxes for you if you ask.

There are endless ways to re-purpose the packaging we bring into our homes.  It’s fun to come up with ideas, and these are just a few that have worked for me!  Would love to know some of the ways you re-use packaging!