Time to get started, if you haven’t already, on your holiday decorating! Here’s a fun and quite easy project for the holidays! It will brighten up your door or any place you choose to hang it! Your local craft store, or even Walmart should have all the supplies you need.  I ended up at Hobby Lobby and Walmart and will list where I found my supplies.

First thing I did was decide what colors I wanted to use for my wreath.  I chose red and a turquoise blue for mine to try and match my decorations inside my house!  Anything you choose will look great…lots of colors, one color in different textures and finishes, such as shiny, matte, glittery, and so on. So many combinations of colors would look pretty…silver and gold, brown and aqua, it’s endless!

Materials list and where I found the items:

HL-Hobby Lobby    W-Walmart

1 – 18” straw wreath (HL)

2 – 12’ pkgs of tinsel garland (W)

3 pkgs (smaller size package of 100) floral pins (HL)

Lots and lots of ornaments!! I used approx 2”-2 ½” in diameter and smaller.

6 – 8 boxes of 2”-2 ½” diameter ornaments (mine were 3-4 boxes red and the same for the blue) (HL)

6 cylinders of smaller balls (3 red and 3 blue) (W)

2 pkg of red and blue jingle bells (1 of each color) (HL)

2 pkgs of assorted small sized glittery balls (1 red and 1 blue) These are simply balls about the size of a nickel and smaller, not actual ornaments.  (HL)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1:

Heat hot glue gun and insert a glue stick

Wrap the straw wreath with the tinsel garland by attaching one end carefully with hot glue. Begin wrapping the garland around the wreath until it’s completely covered. Hot glue the end of the garland and cut off any excess. This helps to fill in where the ornaments will leave small gaps.  The small glittery balls will help with gaps as well in Step 3.


Step 2:

You’re ready to begin pinning ornaments in place. I started with the largest size ornaments. Thread a florist pin through the eye of the ornament where you would normally place a hook if hanging on a tree. Push the pinned ornament into the covered wreath completely. Attach the ornaments randomly around the wreath.  I only covered the front and sides of my wreath, not the back.

Next, attach the smaller ornaments in the same way, again randomly placing them around the wreath. Every now and then hold up your wreath and see where you may need to add an ornament. When you do this the ornaments will seem floppy, but as you continue to add ornaments they will hold each other in place.


Step 3:

This is when I hot glued the various sized glittery balls in place – these have no eye for a hook. I found these balls helped in two ways…they fill in gaps and help stabilize any of the larger ornaments if needed. I applied a dot of hot glue to each glittery ball and attached each to the side of a larger ornament where there was a noticeable gap or space. You can’t put too many!


Step 4:

Carefully place your wreath onto a wreath hanger/hook or add festive coordinating wide ribbon to hang in place!!

Happy Holidays!!